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Colleagues Remember Jake Malta

AGEHR has much for which to remember Jake Malta. His work in designing the modern American handbell, both with the Schulmerich company and later through the founding of Malmark, has served to establish standards of excellence in the handbell and music industries. His contributions to the design of the handchime instrument has helped introduce the art to more participants in both churches and schools by providing an even more accessible way to become involved.

His company's development of handbells through the ninth octaves and handchimes through the seventh have taken the art to new levels and have brought enjoyment of the instrument to not only the smallest church and school choirs but the most seasoned professional ensembles as well, which truly exemplifies the Guild's motto of "uniting people through a musical art."

Jennifer Cauhorn
AGEHR Executive Director

We join our friends in the handbell world in expressing our condolences to Jake Malta's family and his associates at Malmark, on his passing. He was a lifelong handbell enthusiast and inquisitive experimenter. It was his ideas and hard work that were responsible for Malmark's founding and subsequent growth.

On behalf of the Schulmerich Family,
Kermit D. Junkert

I join the handbell world in paying tribute to a legendary man, Jake Malta, who I first met at Malmark back in the 80’s. He greeted me that day with a huge smile, a sincere handshake and a thorough tour of his company. Jake was an extremely generous man and helped many handbell ensembles across this country and around the world, supporting the art of ringing. Jake was such a brilliant man, who, though not visible to the public, always worked behind the scenes to further improve his design and technology of the instrument. The real effect of his passing will be felt for decades, and his friendship will be missed forever.

David L. Weck